Mark 9:14-29

This Sunday’s theme was “nothing is possible without faith” – which means everything is possible if a person has faith.

Revd. P.K. Nanda’s sermon was based on this theme and he elaborated that If you have faith incredible and invisible things can be seen. It is true and right and befitting theme for us.

He further explained the theme through an example which was – “once there was a village where there was no rainfall for a very long time.
The leader of the Church asked everyone in the village to assemble for a prayer for rainfall. On the scheduled day all came to pray but one small child came to pray with an umbrella. The child had the faith that if they prayed then it would surely rain and she didn’t wanted to get wet. Such was her faith.

Faith is more than believing. It does not believe what God can do, but what God will do in our lives. So nothing is impossible if we have faith in our lives.
But today’s world is devoid of faiths – there are different kinds of faith. faith in globalization which people things is the only answer to poverty, People believe that capitalism answer all problems
But Jesus calls us to put our faith in Him and everything is possible for us and even impossible things become possible.

  1. Jesus condemned the faith of the faithless disciples. (This has reference to Peter, john and James who had mountain top experience and faith)
  2. Jesus called us to trust Him and have faith and belief in Him.
  3. Jesus calls to pray and prayer develops our faith. When we have faith then God does miracles in our lives.


John Ch: 1:35-40

After the readings The Revd. P.K. Nanda elaborated the text through his sermon.

Revd. P.K. Nanda said that Church was the place to concentrate on Jesus. Many unwanted thoughts come tour mind but we have to get rid of it by thinking about God.

Revd. Nanda said that the text being interactive, there should be interaction with one another. He said that more we interact with God, and then Satan will not get a chance to interact with us.
According to John, the Baptist (John Ch: 1:35-40) Jesus’ disciples were on one side and John the Baptist on the other side and Jesus on the third side.

Four main things were told in the sermon.

  1. To see Jesus, to focus on Jesus. John the Baptist saw Jesus and help his disciple to see Jesus. If we don’t focus we wouldn’t realize who is He and will not be able to know the greatness of Jesus.
  2. We must always follow Jesus. After seeing Jesus they started following Him. We must always follow Jesus in our lives, just like how He asked His disciples to follow Him. When Jesus ask his disciples ‘What are you looking for?’ His disciples answered “Where do you live Rabbi? Jesus asked them to come and see. They lived with Him on that Day. we need to live with Jesus every day, every moment in our lives. Jesus will never let us down.
  3. Living with Jesus and experiencing with Jesus. We follow Him, we do everything but we fail to live with Jesus, His disciples when lived with Him, understood that Jesus was Christ the Saviour.

Father concluded that we as disciples of Jesus must see Jesus, follow Jesus and live and experience Jesus in our lives.