Walking past Second Rohilla War Memorial you will find a small concrete path, follow that and you will come to the northernmost section of the church compound where you will find the Mausoleum of Job Charnock. Before you reach the mausoleum you will find four memorials to the right.

The white colored mausoleum is octagonal in shape and inside the epitaph is placed on the western wall with entrance from all the three sides. It is to be noted that the mausoleum also contains the remains of other people most notable amongst them are his wife. The epitaph is written in Latin. Outside the mausoleum, on every side of the octagonal shape on the floor, you will find tombstones.
Some call him the founder of the city of Calcutta when he combined the three villages of Sutanuti, Govindopur & Kolikata to form what we now call Kolkata around 1690. However this was much smaller to what Kolkata is today, it was more or less concentrated to the northern and central section of the present city.