The Free Clinic of St. John’s Church is a social outreach programme. Here we try not only to take care of
the health issues but also cure the diseases inflicted on the underprivileged section of the society with
proper treatment, counselling and guidance on health, hygiene and nutrition. The Free Clinic started on
the St. John’s Church premise on November, 2018. The clinic operates from Monday to Friday, between
3p.m. to 5p.m. under expert and renowned Doctors. At the onset of this Free Clinic last year, very few
patients used to visit the clinic for their various treatments but as the days passed, with the word of
mouth as to how good, accurate and effective treatment is meted to them, now daily we have nearly 30
patients. Free medicine is provided to the patients. 90% of the medical expense is incurred by St. John’s
Church, only sometimes the patients have to buy medicine from outside if it is not available.
This is our small endeavor to bring about a difference in the lives of the excluded and the downtrodden
of the society. With God’s blessings we will definitely bring about a difference in the society by touching
the lives of individuals. Your generous donation for clinic will be accepted happily.