Worship Service:

Holy Communion Service has been conducted regularly and continues to be great joy and blessing to all attend these services.

Good Friday Service:

A three hours devotional service was held on 3rd April 2015. This year the service was very well attended.The inspirational messages on the seven words from the Cross were delivered by our pastor, Revd. P.K.Nanda, Mr. Conrad Das, Mrs. Shirin Das and Mrs. Chhaya Biswas and Mr. Ranendra Chrestien.

Teacher’s Day:

Like every year Teacher’s day was observed with a special service on 7th September 2014 .The Hon. Secretary of the brought the special message on that day. All the teachers who attend St. John’s Church and have served different institutions in the Diocese were felicitated.

Remembrance Day Service:

Remembrance Day Service was held in November to pay respect to all brave soldiers who laid down their lives fighting for our country. Last year this solemn service was held on Sunday, 9th November’14. St. John’s Church thank all those who attended this service especially The Revd. Abir Adhikari (Hony. Secretary, Diocese of Calcutta), who brought God’s message and the Augmented Choir of St James’Church.

Pensioners Christmas Get Together:
All the senior members, pensioners and the congregation attended a special service on Sunday, 21st December, 2014 at 11 a.m. After which there was a get together followed by a fellowship lunch, each pensioner was given Christmas gift as cash.

Church Programs for Calcutta Diocese Bicentenary Celebration:
St. John’s Church have successfully completed the following programmes:
A.Financial Assistance to Meritorious students of our Diocese:

On 15th March’2015 St. John’s Church felicitated five students from different Churches and gave them financial assistance of Rs: 10,0001- each. The names are Ms. Trisha Biswas, (St. Mark’s Church), Ms. Nitu Das (St. Thomas Church, Howrah), Ms. Sukannya Bor (Christ Church), Master Jonathan Haider (St. George’s Church) and Ms. Olivia Mondal (St. Peter Church).

B. Gospel Hymn Competition
The Gospel Hymn Competition was held on 11th April 2015. Both English and Bengali groups participated. The winners received 1st prize Rs: 6000/-, 2nd prize Rs: 4000/-, 3rd Prize Rs: 3000/- and a trophy with certificate of merits. The winning Churches are St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. George’s Church, St.Thomas Church Mirza Gallib Street, St. Peter’s Church, St. James Church (Barranagar) and Christ Church.

C. Sit & Draw Competition
The Sit & Draw Competition was held on 1st May’2015 at Lawrence Hall, Lamartiniere for Girls. There were three groups 7-9 yrs, 10-12 yrs and 13-15 yrs. All the three groups were given prizes and medals and certificate of merits. The Churches such as Sadhu Sundar Singh Girja, Emmanuel Church and Duff Church won the prizes. The convener Mr. Amitabh Pal and the members of the sub-committee are thanked for all hard work to make this event so successful.View Gallery